What is the part of the present, and what of the oblivion in the history as presented by the media? Michelangelo Consani will focus on crucial moments of the last fifty years of the Western capitalist system, playing, on one side, on the dematerialisation of their memory, and on the other side, on the weight of oblivion, while opening, by the interpretation of the present, a perspective of hope about the future.

Consani's work is in progress, the project will be implemented weekly.

Michelangelo Consani was born in 1971 in Livorno, Italy, where he lives and works. His work underlines events bringing together history and ecology. History is that of characters on the fringes of official history, personal stories of people having contributed to the development of society, then having been forgotten by official events. This interest grows from his personal archive – photographs, amateur videos and other documents related to his family. Consani’s private life joins the history of the Italian socio-political context since the 1970s to the present. In his work the micro-history blends with the collective memory.

In his research within the fringe of history, Michelangelo Consani focuses on the characters who have made a greater or lesser contribution in the field of ecology, such as, for example Masanobu Fukuoka. Memory of ecology, production of clean energy, social justice and an anti-spectacular worldview led him to propose alternatives to the capitalist system and economy, but also to information and to the daily well-being.

Michelangelo Consani recently exhibited to Zirkumflex Berlin, Gallery Side 2 in Tokyo in 2014, Artissima (Prometeo Gallery) in 2013, Kunstraum Muenchen in 2011, Aichi Triennale and EX3 - Centre for Contemporary Art in Florence in 2010 , Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 2008. 


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