Jean-Philippe Convert
49 images, 2014
Video of the performance

click here for reading  '49 images' narration in english

Thanks to Roman Scrittori for his precious help in recording the performance and editing the video.
Also thanks to Rheda Allema for the sound capture.

Jean-Philippe Convert

In his performance work, Jean-Philippe Convert (b. 1972) questions the mechanisms of memory through  oral and written narrations. The project Conversations  was a series of public meetings which aim was to pass on an oral memory of events, stories or details related to well-known artworks or artists’ biographies like Yves Klein or Lygia Clark.

L’Entité Raspail (a project in collaboration with curator Damien Airault) is a series of “situations” taking place  every two months in the Square Jacques Antoine, Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. At every meeting, the audience experiences a sort of “gap” into the space and time of the city. An empty space excavated in the urban gap of the Place Denfert-Rochereau, which only historical presence, the bronze of Raspail, has been melted during WW2 leaving a naked pedestal, Square Jacques Antoine becomes a space to remember Paris history, to refer to the film Le Pont du Nord by Jacques Rivette which beginning is shot in the Place Denfert-Rochereau, to play  micro-actions and, eventually, to create new social relationships. 

Convert’s latest project develops these reflections in the space of writing. These micro-narratives are fragments describing actions the artist has seen, read or recalled. Le Livre des employés is primarily a book, but the project continues on the Internet: the artist juxtaposes some images, videos, etc., to the narrations, creating multiple compositions of sense.

Jean-Philippe Convert, Le livre des employés, Bruxelles Eléments de langage 2011