past forward is a platform for artistic production and curatorial research.

The project starts up from looking at the process of creation of those research-based practices that deal with transmission of memory and fabrication of knowledge, and from considering the Internet as the new “theatre of memory”*, a space containing (almost) all the existing knowledge, as well as the tool of a ceaseless (over)production of knowledge.  

Within the context of this hyper-production of contents, past forward acts as a “resonance chamber” of our current approach to knowledge – whether this is artistic or societal – and addresses the question of how the Internet may be a space for creation and display of these practices, how it can bring a further reading of their research process and how it can play as a mise en abîme of the overproduction of information.  

past forward creates contents – commissioning online site-specific visual art projects (cartes blanches) or publishing critical essays and interviews with artists and curators (blow-up) – while opening windows on external subjects (research), symbolically weaving links between its own constituent elements and those materials that, within the Internet, similarly deal with memory and knowledge. 

past forward also initiates different forms of curatorial research either through online and offline exhibitions or playing with the presentation of research content in social media (Instagram projects).  

*Reflections about the “theatre of memory” refer to the work of the Venetian Renaissance philosopher Giulio Camillo (1480-1544) and explore the similarity between the "hyperlink" structure of the Internet and the systematisation of knowledge as imagined by Camillo.

past forward is a project by curator francesca zappia.


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